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Kinga Paine

Kinga Paine is the author of ‘The Second Veil‘ and numerous short horror stories and novellas including most notably ‘NX3‘, ‘Sunburn‘, ‘Invoking the Demon‘ and ‘Cemetery Dance‘.

Kinga Paine is depraved, darkly comical and verging on the inhumane but there is an awe-inspiring dark essence to her work that will keep you searching her out over and over again – you’ll find no clich├ęs here.

A blood-dripping author who is at the forefront of the revival of extreme horror. You’ll always find something fresh from Paine.

In Kinga’s work you will discover stories of demons and darkness, killers and murderers, cults and the occult, and those little tales of evil that slip from the shadows before you turn in for the night…

Welcome to the Madness – Welcome to the world of Kinga Paine.

Kinga Paine, horror author at Future Gothic Publishing