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Jade Logan

Jade Logan is our premier erotica writer, author of ‘The Humiliation Games‘ series and ‘Hot Springs Domination‘ among many other short stories and novelettes.

The latest collection contains ALL ten of Jade Logan’s extreme short stories and novelettes dating from 2012 right up to the beginning of 2014. They were published under the now defunct Toxic Bitch Publishing. TBP was notorious for releasing only the most extreme erotica titles and many titles were banned upon release or just after release.

Some are still available at limited digital book sellers. This amazing hard collection is available at the usual places┬ábut don’t miss out before its content is banned again.

Now, Future Gothic Publishing is proud to release Jade Logan’s entire extreme catalog after incorporating Toxic Bitch Publishing under it’s umbrella in the Spring of 2017.

Jade has also got many more planned and is making a comeback in 2017 so keep an eye out because Jade Logan is coming back under Future Gothic Publishing.

Jade Logan Future Gothic Publishing, extreme BDSM erotica kindle author

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