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Who we are

Future Gothic Publishing (FGP) is an eBook publishing company that prides itself on producing unique creations in many different categories. We allow our author names to self-publish using the Future Gothic Publishing banner.

It can never be too horror or too erotic to be part of FGP’s title and author line up. Every writer has their own unique style across the broad spectrum of the book and eBook publishing world and FGP is happy to promote every single one of them.

We have been sporadically publishing books online and offline since late 2012 but it’s not until now in 2017 that we are really about to kick start the FGP catalog ¬†which has grown to a not too shabby 65 titles in those formative years.

One simple motto – THINK CREATION.


Future Gothic Publishing is a proponent of free speech, self publishing, freedom of creation and the right to have one’s voice heard.

FGP is the home of Kinga Paine, David Nyx and Kash Laden and promotion of all our author names are equal. We also have the fantastic Matthias Jackman, Emily Vine, Ben E. Brewer and Benny B Belton

Check them out from the drop down menu at the top where you will find relevant links to different online eBook outlets on the web and keep up to date on the blog to hear more from the authors themselves.

Toxic Bitch Publishing

Toxic Bitch Publishing was a notorious erotica eBook publishing outfit back from 2011. It became defunct in 2013 and most of their author’s works were lost to the great erotica cull in those years since.

Luckily for some we incorporated Toxic Bitch Publishing under Future Gothic Publishing in early 2017 which has given us access to some amazing authors including Jade Logan, Glen Lexiton and Samira Li.

Most of their work has been re-edited and is due for re-release in 2017. All three of those above named authors will also be releasing new material this year under Future Gothic Publishing.

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