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The home of Kinga Paine, David Nyx, Kash Laden, Jade Logan, Matthias Jackman, Ben E. Brewer, Samira Li, Emily Vine, Teddy Rhett, Future Gothic Entertainment and more.

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Sleek & Beautiful

Future Gothic Publishing

We have been sporadically publishing books online and offline since late 2012 but it’s not until now in 2017 that we are really about to kick start the FGP catalog which has grown to a not too shabby 65 titles in those formative years.

Sleek & Beautiful

Toxic Bitch Publishing

In early 2017 we incorporated the long defunct and massively notorious Toxic Bitch Publishing under our banner giving you - the reader - access to lost works from erotica authors and newly released titles from the authors themselves.

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Self Publishing Proponent

Future Gothic Publishing is a proponent of free speech, self publishing, freedom of creation and the right to have one’s voice heard. All our authors are self-published but we aid in promotion, marketing and releases.

Best selling titles

Some of our more popular works.

Sleek & Beautiful

The Second Veil - Kinga Paine

This is Kinga Paine's debut novel, a metaphysical horror about a female killer in a world on the edge of our own and the earth bound investigator that has been tracking her for years.

Sleek & Beautiful

The Dark Web: Exploration of the Deep Web - Kash Laden

Kash Laden shows you how to get there and then acts as your guide within the boundless walls of the dark net.

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SUBNET series - David Nyx

...What they didn't know at the time was that the point of creation was beyond all known boundaries. Those investigating Subnet are about to discover something that will change the earth... forever.

Sleek & Beautiful

The Extreme Years - Jade Logan

We are proud to release Jade Logan's entire extreme catalog after incorporating Toxic Bitch Publishing under our umbrella.

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April 15, 2017 No Comments

Spring 2017 update

We have lots planned for 2017 including a new author name on the rostrum and all of these to look forward to. Subnet #4 – David Nyx – The second ‘3-book epidsodic sci-fi extravaganza’ begins as the alien war heats up and earth is caught in the middle desperately trying to shut down Subnet. Meanwhile […]